Saturday, October 31, 2009

PV Yamashita Tomohisa - Loveless

Yamapi's new single will be released on 18th October 2009. This is Yamapi's second single after Daite Senorita. I do not know what was Johnny ojisan thinking about regarding release Yamapi single instead od NEWS. But I am still happy since I love Yamapi too. Perhap because Ryo is currently busy with Kanjani 8 that will also release a single soon. While Tegomasu is busy with overseas concert. So they decide to release Yamapi's single. Pity Shige and Koyama... Huhuhuh...

The song is a ballad song. Totally different compared to his previous single. They did the PV in New York due to Yamapi's request. I bet it because he mingles with many foreigners aka Jin's group. That's why he really want to go there...


Mou nanto naku wakatte ru
Kimi ga utsumuku wake o
Wakare o kiri dasezu ni irun dayo ne
Hodou ni ochita kage wa
Yori sotte kasanaru noni
Futari no omoi wa ima hanarete yuku
Chigau koi ni deatte shimatta kimi o
Tsunagi tomeru kotoba mo mitsukara nai

Sayonara nante
Owari da nante
Uso da to itte
Sore demo
Hodoita te wa tsumetaku naru
Bokura wa tanin ni naru
Gomen ne nante
Mou nakanai de
Dakishimete shimau kara
Kasaneta omoi de ga
Itami ni kawaru sono mae ni
hora saigo wa egao de say goodbye

Hitori demo heiki dayo to
Hajimete uso o tsuita
kimi no namida otomeru subeya hoshiikute
Hontou ni daiji datta
Hontou wa hanashitakunai
Ikirarenai omoi komi ageru kedo
Sono shiawase dare yori negateru kara
Tsuyogari demo
arigatou to tsutaetai

Sayonara datte
Koukai datte
Futari deaetta akashi
Kimi to dakara
Sou omoeru
Kage gaenai sonzai
Wasureru you ni
Mune ni shimau you
Tomo ni kizanda kisetsu
Atarashii mirai e
Isogu kimi no sono senaka ni
Sou saigo wa egao de say goodbye?



Actually I have sensed it
The reason why you looked down without speaking
It's all because of the "Goodbye" which you could not say out

Our shadows on the road
Are getting closer and closer, almost overlapping
But why are our hearts growing apart

Facing the you who have found someone new
I couldn't find reasons to hold you back

Why the goodbye
Why the ending
You said these were lies
Even though you've said that
The hands which had let go were getting cold
We are becoming strangers

Why the apologies
Please don't cry
Cause that would lead me to hold you tight again

Among the layers of memories
Before they turned into painful moments
say goodbye
Let us smile and say goodbye

I can get by on my own
The first time I lied
Hoping to stop your tears

This is really an important matter
Actually I didn't feel like saying
Even though I knew it didn't really matter
I'm the one who wish that you'd find happiness the most

Even if I'm just pretending to be strong
I still wish to thank you who are far away
Even if we break apart
Even if there's regrets
They are still proofs of our encounter

Because it's you
Therefore I always feel that
Our memory is irreplaceable

In order to forget
To get it away from the chest
The seasons which we have passed together
Moving on to the new future

Behind your back
Say goodbye I would like to smile and say the last goodbye


Friday, October 30, 2009

Hey Say JUMP New Release Petition

It's been a year since Hey Say JUMP last release. Sometimes ago, there was rumor about the new album. But until now it remained rumor... It's really unfair for 10 of the group members. It was unrelevant if we say Hey Say JUMP is not popular as other group in Johnny's because their concerts were always fullhouse and they even decided for the winter concert.

So what we as fan can do? Please... Please... Please... Sign the petition...

At least one album for 10 of them... Johnny-sama onegai~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Matsumoto Jun - New KFC CM

I kept playing this CM again and again... Everytime he say Oishi yo~ , my heart melts... I feel like want to drive to KFC immediately to get the BOX soup and chicken set or what ever the food called... It's absolutely looked delicious ne~ But zannen.. they do not have it in Malaysia.. huhuh (-_-)"

Jun really sells the product well ne~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

H1N1 - And Now Is Kanjani8

If before this, News's members had been infected. And now Ohkura Tadayoshi, Yasuda Shota and Yakohama You had been infected by H1N1. Currently, Kanjani8 are promoting their new DVD and they split into 2 group where Ohkura, Yasuda and Yokohama are working together.

Yokohama and Yasuda were reported of getting better and will continue working soon. But Ohkura was just confirmed positive H1N1. Ohkura and Yasuda currently play in this season drama, ROMES. But they surely posponed the shooting until both of them fully recover. Let's pray for their health and may others Johnny's idols genki as always. And you too please take necessary precaution if going outside ne~

Okay, here are some caps from Puzzle Concert - Eight Ranger Skit