Friday, December 31, 2010

Sign Up Official Johnnys International Newsletter~ Now For The Sake of J-Pop Concert in Your Country

Johnnys is going internationally. They supposed to do this long time ago. But maybe because the language boundary, they just do it recently after the super hitz from Akanishi Jin in US. And they saw Johnny;s have a quite good potential internationally. Perhaps~

They will send newsletter like once a week, it depends actually. They even sell concert and playstage ticket to international fan~ Kyaaa~

So, don't waste ur time sign up now for possibility J-Pop Concert at our country.

Step 1
Register here
All in English

Step 2
Fill in ONLY ONE of your favorite Johnnys group or artist name

They will send you confirmation email immediately.

For Malaysian, I beg here to fill Arashi or Yamashita Tomohisa as your favorite Johnnys. :P Because Johnny's really want to push them going internationally. For example, Yamapi's latest single album, mostly in English. Tanamun yo~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank God, I Still Got Buffered Earning Even 6 Months With No Update Post

Oh, it's been awhile I'm not updating this blog. But it does not mean I forgotten bout my beautiful fandom. Yeah, I have been busy recently. I am working from 8 to 5. Then, iro iro things need to do after that. Okay that's just an excuse. I just manage to update my other personal blog gradually. But I still got traffic from this blog. It's not really good thing, if I keep abandon this blog.

& now I decided to update this regularly as possible. Maybe not a full drama review. But maybe I'll share a small thing that I found it interesting.

Currently I am watching :

1. Freeter~ Ie Wo Kau played by  Ninomiya Kazunari - kawaii as usual

2. Iryu 3 - more suspense, conflict and can not expect the storyline at all~ New Hero?

3. Q10 - for the sake of Sato Takeru, I am watching this. And it's worth coz he is so cute~ Even cuter than Kyuuto~

Matta ne~