Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank God, I Still Got Buffered Earning Even 6 Months With No Update Post

Oh, it's been awhile I'm not updating this blog. But it does not mean I forgotten bout my beautiful fandom. Yeah, I have been busy recently. I am working from 8 to 5. Then, iro iro things need to do after that. Okay that's just an excuse. I just manage to update my other personal blog gradually. But I still got traffic from this blog. It's not really good thing, if I keep abandon this blog.

& now I decided to update this regularly as possible. Maybe not a full drama review. But maybe I'll share a small thing that I found it interesting.

Currently I am watching :

1. Freeter~ Ie Wo Kau played by  Ninomiya Kazunari - kawaii as usual

2. Iryu 3 - more suspense, conflict and can not expect the storyline at all~ New Hero?

3. Q10 - for the sake of Sato Takeru, I am watching this. And it's worth coz he is so cute~ Even cuter than Kyuuto~

Matta ne~

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