Friday, October 31, 2008

Kanjani8 - Musekinin Hero

Hi minna~
Jajang~ Today Kanjani 8 release a new single entitled Musekinin Hero. Musekinin Hero means Irresponsible Hero in English. This is just another typical cheerful kanjani's song. They sell their cheerful face and smile. But fans love their funny image. Here are some caps of the PV. They're wearing suit just like NEWS in Weeeek PV. Since I love Ohkura, so there are more Ohkura's caps...hehehe...

Ohkura borrowed Ryo's glasses that Jin gave to him

Ohkura loves food, just like me~ (^_~)V

Love Yasu's new hairstyleUsachan peace~

The lyrics

Oira densetsuno musekinin hero
Yume wa mugendaino musekinin hero

Showa to Heisei mataidekimashita
Suimo amaimo ajimishitekimashita
BABURU ga nantara IT kantara
A- wakacchanai kedo taihen nandeshou

Minna ga Minna fuan wo kakaete utsumuiteruze
Jidaino nagareni agatte sagatte
Kimino jinseiwa darenomono??

Zenryokuzenshin JaJaJaJa-n
Marugoshi yadonashi JaJaJaJa-n
Waratteokureyo naruyoninarusa

Dosokude gomenne JaJaJaJa-n
Bataashi kakeashi JaJaJaJa-n
Makaseteokureyo nantokanarusa

Oira denzetsuno museninin hero
Yumewa mugendaino museninin hero

Ichi ni no san shi de JaJaJaJa-n
Asekake sokonoke JaJaJaJa-n
Waratte gomakasha nantodemonarusa

Yobarete nai kedo JaJaJaJa-n
Kankeinakutemo JaJaJaJa-n
Waratteokureyo naruyouninarusa

Yobarete tobidase JaJaJaJa-n
Genkaichousen JaJaJaJa-n
Makaseteokureyo nantokasurusa

Oira denzetsuno museninin hero
Yumewa mugendaino museninin hero


We are the legendary irresponsible hero
The irresponsible hero with an infinite dream

Showa and Heisei just came and gone
We have tasted the sourness and the sweetness of it all
What is a bubble If IT is easy
A- I don't understand it but it's going to be hard

Everyone, everyone is holding uncertainty and going on
The times go up and go down
Where does your life belong?

Full speed ahead JaJaJaJa-n
Circle waist no place to stay JaJaJaJa-n
I will make you laugh until you can become like that

I'm sorry I'm in shoes JaJaJaJa-n
Butter feet running fast JaJaJaJa-n
Leave it to me everything will be alright

We are the legendary irresponsible hero
The irresponsible hero with an infinite dream

In one two and three four JaJaJaJa-n
Sweat is dry step aside from there JaJaJaJa-n
Laughing deception I will become anything

Even if I wasn't called JaJaJaJa-n
Even if I wasn't connected JaJaJaJa-n
I will make you laugh until you can become like that

When I'm called I'll fly out JaJaJaJa-n
Challenge to the limit JaJaJaJa-n
Leave it to me I will do something
We are the legendary irresponsible hero
The irresponsible hero with an infinite dream

Here is the download link for PV Kochi

The song is very likeable. Even the preorder sales is more than 200,000 copies. Sugoi ne~

These is the song download link Kochi

Ohkura is doing his first solo concert now. I hope they will release the DVD so I can watch his kakkoiness... (^-^)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gold Fish on a Cliff by the Sea

Hi, minna~
Now I really into this song called Ponyo on a cliff. Ponyo is japanese word means Gold fish. This song is sang by Ohashi Nozomi feat Fujioka Fujimaki. Ohashi Nozomi is a cute primary girl. While Fujioka Fujimaki is two old man that sang along her while playing the instrument. What's the similarity between this cute girl and me is we love Yamachan~ (^_^)V

Somehow I addicted to this song. Even this is my ringtone now~ Of course I'm not the only one that addicted to his, Matsumoto Jun (Matsujun) from Arashi also like this song.

Here is the song

Download link

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[Music Station] Hey Say JUMP – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy 241008

Hi minna,
This is the follow up of my happiness is the 2nd appearance of Hey Say JUMP in Music Station... They got 1st in Oricon Chart for Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. This time was only short talk introducing them. This appearance was to promote their drama, Scrap Teacher. The four Super Boys (Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Arioka) wearing their costume in the drama, while the others were wearing the recycle costumes (^_^)”. Johnny, please buy new costumes for them, onegai~ or if Johnny can’t, maybe Julie or Mary can? I wish...

Here is the screen caps ~

The performance

Kyaa~ Are they stripping? Not... (H_H)

Featuring these three boys who are their co-star in Scrap Teacher.

With millions of Juniors.

Download link

Thanks for Wendy Newshfan for subbing this.

The Scrap Teacher drama is not subbing yet... But I still can ‘kya’ing watch the ‘kakkoi’ness of Yamada just by watching the RAW... hahahah (^_~)V

[Music Station] Hey Say JUMP – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy 171008

Hello, minna~
Today I’ll share with you guys one of my happiness... heheheh... This is Hey Say JUMP appearance in Music Station for promoting their first single Mayonaka no Shadow Boys (MNBS). Since MNBS is the OST for Scrap Teacher drama, the four boys; Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Arioka told how they had difficulties during the drama shooting. They act as Super Boys that ‘teach’ their scrap teacher how to be a good teacher. Before, I always watched the drama that the teachers turned their precious students – Gokusen, Dragon Zakura and Gachibaka. But this is totally contra ne~

Here are the screencaps...

Although, they are ‘Super Boy’, in reality they are still typical baka junior high school students that always mistaken in reading kanji... hahaha... poor our kawaii Yamachan~

The performance...

This is the stage look like

Takaki looked different in here compared to in PV.

Hikaru too

And suddenly, the fangirls came from everywhere...

Download link

Credit for Wendy chan for the English Subtitle...