Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[Music Station] Hey Say JUMP – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy 171008

Hello, minna~
Today I’ll share with you guys one of my happiness... heheheh... This is Hey Say JUMP appearance in Music Station for promoting their first single Mayonaka no Shadow Boys (MNBS). Since MNBS is the OST for Scrap Teacher drama, the four boys; Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Arioka told how they had difficulties during the drama shooting. They act as Super Boys that ‘teach’ their scrap teacher how to be a good teacher. Before, I always watched the drama that the teachers turned their precious students – Gokusen, Dragon Zakura and Gachibaka. But this is totally contra ne~

Here are the screencaps...

Although, they are ‘Super Boy’, in reality they are still typical baka junior high school students that always mistaken in reading kanji... hahaha... poor our kawaii Yamachan~

The performance...

This is the stage look like

Takaki looked different in here compared to in PV.

Hikaru too

And suddenly, the fangirls came from everywhere...

Download link

Credit for Wendy chan for the English Subtitle...

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