Friday, November 7, 2008

Scrap Teacher episode 2 with English, Chinese and Japanese subtitles

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I should posting this early but I'm too lazy to do that. But if actually the download link for episode 2 is same as the episode 1's link. But today I'll review about the 2nd episode.

The 2nd episode is getting more interesting. Taka sensei who is part time teacher at the school was curious about the 3 new super boys transferred boys since she is the witness of the Code Blue scene. So she investigated them and found out that the 3 boys is just normal like other junior high school students.

The conflicts began when one of their classmate, Osaki was caught shoplifting. However Takasu Sensei who in charged the student's disciplinary cases was not taking any action or punishment to her. This was second case involving Osaku and she's also not getting any punishment for the 1st one. The students found out that's seem weird for the school kept covering the the disciplinary cases especially the four super boys. Kusaka decided to give the moral support to Osaki. While Takasugi punished her to write a feedback essay. Their homeroom teacher, Sugi Sensei also stressed Takasu to not kept covering Osaki.

The next day, Osaki was not going to school and followed her fellows who were also shoplifters. Kusaka worried about Osaki and decide to follow them. The bad boys caught Kusaka and beat him in a store. While Takasugi, Irie and Yoshida 'tough' Takasu sensei the meaning of rules. Sugi went to save Osaki and Kusaka after informed by Takasu Sensei that kept spying them. There was 'Gokusen' scene happened. But no really 'Gokusen'ness because the crappy Sugi sensei is unexpectedly weak...
What's next? Please watch it...

Douzo yoroshiku~

Download link
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Here are some screen caps...

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