Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Basuday Tegoshi~

Hello minna~
Since yesterday is Tegoshi Yuya's birthday, I'll share with you guys the present that Johnny give to Tegoshi which is special appearance in Shounen Club 9 Nov 2008. Tegoshi performed his hits with Tegomass and NEWS. Tegomass is special unit that involved two of NEWS member who are Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa. Both of them are the best singer in NEWS and also among the best in Johnny's. They debut in Sweden. Their music is difference compared to NEWS that is more to balad and love song with cute title and lyrics. Their single are Miso Soup, Kiss ~Kaerimichi No Love Song~ and Ai Ai Gasa. Kiss used to be my ringtone but because the tempo is so slow, I can't hear the tone if someone call me when I'm sleeping (^_^)"..Lol.. In Shounen Club, Tegomass sang Kiss feat 2 Johnny's Jr, Kyomoto Taiga and Uekusa Yuta. The two little boys were not bad at all. Perhaps the can be Tegomassu Jr. After that they sing Ai Ai Gasa and Happy Birthday featuring Koyama Keichiro who is also MC for Shounen Club. Here are some caps:~

Taiga and Yuta

Tegoshi with Taiga

Massu with Yuta

Ai Ai Gasa

Happy Birthday with Koyama

Download here

Credit to Newshfan..

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