Monday, November 17, 2008

Hana Yori Dango the Movie - Final

Hi minna~
Finally I watched Hanadan Final. I went through various obstacles to watch it. I only knew the movie airs in Malaysia last week. So, I desperately wanted to watch the movie. I checked the Cinema Online for the show time. I decided to go to TGV KLCC because I more familiar with TGV KLCC. I only can go to KL on weekends because I worked during weekdays. However it's seem impossible because the final showtime at KLCC was on Wednesday. TGV hated me.. (T_T) The only showtime in weekends is on Saturday, 15 Nov in Cathay Cinema, City Square Johor Bahru which I got no idea where it is. On Sunday, the only show time is at 2.15am and 9.30pm ant Cathay Cineplexes, Cineleisure Damansara. I can't watch at 9.30pm, if not I don't have any transport to come back to Pahang. So, I decided to watch the 2.15am showtime. Since my sister's home is also in damansara, I think I don't have so much problem about it. That's my first time watch movie at 'early' in the morning. Usually the latest showtime I watch was around 12am. One of the craziest thing that I ever done. Huhuhuh... I went there with my friend, Dayah. We didn't know what to do before 2.15am since we arrive there as early as 9.15pm.. Hahaha.. So we killed the time by watching Madagasca. Two movies continuously. Also my first time. Huhuhuh...

And now about the movie. I absolutely gave 5 stars for the Final Episode. I love all of them. The acting, probs, shooting location, storyline. Everything is perfect. Hahaha... Yes, I'm bias. However the theater was quite empty. Only about 15 people watched with me. But, it seems the Hanadan's producer not loses anything because the movie was gross over 10 million yen only in Japan.

Hana Yori Dango: Final begins as Domyoji(Matsumoto Jun- Arashi) holds an extravagant press conference to announce his wedding to Makino(Inou Mao) the following spring. The press is playing her up like a modern-day Cinderella and everything seems to be going well. Later, the families offer congratulations to the couple. Even Domyoji’s mother—who was formerly vehemently opposed to the relationship and tried desperately to break them up at every opportunity—is suddenly happy for them. She even offers Makino a family heirloom: a tiara worth 10 billion yen (about $95 million USD) called “Smile of Venus”.

Later in their hotel room, Makino begins to worry that her life is about to take a drastic change from what she’s used to. Domyoji consoles her by telling her he’ll spend the rest of his life protecting her, but just as he says that a man dressed in black crashes into their room through a window and steals the “Smile of Venus” tiara. Domyoji tries to chase the man but he vanishes into the city. By the time they get back to the hotel room the glass is completely cleaned up and the window is replaced as if nothing had ever happened. Obviously there’s some sort of conspiracy going on. Could Domyoji’s mother be meddling again, hoping to make it look like Makino carelessly lost the tiara herself? Or is someone at the hotel trying to cover up the crime? Domyoji and Makino are determined to get to the bottom of things, and end up going on a wild adventure together which takes them through Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and various places throughout the world. And don’t worry fangirls, the rest of F4 (Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota and Tsuyoshi Abe) will show up too.
Based on Nippon Cinema

For those who want to watch this movie, you can still do that until this Wednesday. You can always check here for the showtime and booking.


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