Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PV Arashi - Beautiful Days

Hi minna~

Yesterday was quite a beautiful day for me. First, the Hey Say Jump t-shirts that I ordered has arrived. But I not see it yet because they were posted to my parent’s home. So, I only can have them by this weekend (>_<). Second, Scrap Teacher drama has been subbed finally. And third, of course Arashi released their Promotion Video (PV) for their new single Beautiful Days. This single is the Original Soundtrack (OST) for one of their member new drama, Ninomiya which is Ryusei no Kizuna. I love this song because I really look forward to the drama. After many singles, I just realized now that every Arashi’s single always had piano elements. That’s why their songs always sell sound beautifully.

The concept of this PV is just beauty shot. No dance or story. I felt kind of weird because the voice sound big and loud. But they not really open their mouth in this PV. Maybe they did that to maintain their beauty.

Ninomiya Kazunari aka Nino

Ohno Satoshi aka Riida (Leader)

Matsumoto Jun aka MatsuJun

Sakurai Sho

Aiba Masaki

Still angelic lawyer mode

They’re ‘crying’ (T_T)

Nino love magic

Riida love fish angle’s wings

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