Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vote J-pop Concert in Malaysia

Hello minna~
I was browsing the Hey Say Jump community yesterday and found the Pop Rainbow forum the making poll for J-Pop Concert in Malaysia, more specific Johnny's artist...Kya~
I really wanna meet Yamada but there are huge gap between HSJ and the lead. So, I voted Arashi instead because I love Riida~ Currently Arashi is leading followed by Kat-tun. HSJ is so far behind them. It seem impossible for HSJ because they definitely a new group and never done an oversea concert before.

I hope the Pop Rainbow will make my dream come true. The company is quite convincing since they organized MTV Asia Award before. So, minna please vote your favorite artist. Here are the steps:~

1. Register here

2. Wait for approval mail by the mod, if not you can't posting. But don't worry they will send you the email in the same day.

3. Login and vote here

Friday, November 21, 2008

Scrap Teacher Episode 5 with English, Chinese and Japanese Subtitles

Hi minna~
The fifth episode was getting more and more interesting..

Taka sensei, the pretty part time teacher was late to school and unfortunately involve in accident that mess his clothes. Gotokuji Sensei lends a cloth from Manga (comic) Club to her. Gotokuji Sensei is the Manga Club's director who is only full with herself that only take care for her appearance and never care about the students. The Manga Club has only 2 members and they want to participate in Manga Fiesta but refuse by Gotokuji Sensei because they are lack of member and not enough time since the the Manga Fiesta is in the next week.
The two girls asked Yoshida(Chinen) to join the club and Takasugi(Yamada) and Irie(Arioka) seem jealous about that. Lol~ But this time Takasugi not refused to help them. They cleaned the Manga Club room that neve been used before. Since the the room is very terrible, they need extra time to clean it and they had drew nothing that day. They asked Gotokuji Sensei to have morning training but she refused. The next day, the two girls was caught by Matsou Sensei because they were drawing during class. Gotokuji Sensei mad with them and hold the draft. She only handed over the draft to them after school during club meeting. Since there were two more day before the fiesta, they asked for extension after the school, but again refused by Gotokuji Sensei. Takasugi and Irie pissed with Gotokuji Sensei's action and decide to investigate her. The day after tomorrow, Gotokuji Sensei lost the draft and forced the girls to redraw it. Taki sensei, Sugi sensei and Takasu sensei were also helping them along the night. The fiesta was success but Gotokuji sensei was angry with them because went to the fiesta without her permission. Gotokuji Sensei to disband the club. Someone found out that the original draft is still at Gotokuji's desk. Yoshida mad and decide to 'teach' Gotokuji. How the three Super Boys 'take care' Gotokuji. Is Sugi Sensei still looser that depends on the three boys' power? Please watch it~

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scrap Teacher Episode 4 with English, Chinese and Japanese subtitles

Hello minna~
Today, I woke up late today because I had such a beautiful dream.. I dreamed Yamachan~ Scrap teacher virus really infects me... huhuh... But I dreamed Yamachan, Chinen and Morimoto? Maybe I had infected by both Scrap Teacher and Showa Hey Say virus..hehehe...

So today is episode 4. There will be annual district marathon competition. They never won in this competition before, so the school director decided to no participate this year. However, Sugi Sensei against it and suggest to choose the participant by taking their running time. But refuse by all the teachers. Matsuo sensei says that his student can be representative for female category since she the only one in the school is long distance athlete. Matsuo Sensei also point to Sugi sensei's class to represent the school for the boy category.
The Sugi sensei asked the students who can volunteer to participate. And as expected no one. A boy, Kinochi was sleeping in the class. Then someone nominated Kinochi to be representative. Kusaka want to volenteer but Kinochi immediately accept to be representative. Kinochi start the training and Kusaka help him. Kusaka also begs the three super boy to help Kinochi too. But Takasugi refuse because he is busy with chorus training. The next day, Yabuki principal got complain by Kinochi's mother tell him that Kinochi was not helping her in the restaurant because already tired after the marathon training. Yabuki principal ask Sugi sensei to stop the training. But Kinochi refuse to stop and continue the training.
In the evening, Irie and Yoshida help to train Kinochi. While Kusaka and some of the classmates help Kinochi's mother in the restaurant. The next day, Principal Yabuki again receives complaints by the parents because the kids doing part time jobs to help Kinochi. But Sugi sensei refused to stop the training because Kinochi is the one who really want to prove everyone that he can finish the marathon. Matsuo sensei pissed towards Sugi sensei and influences the principal to report Sugi sensei to education committee for the reason, Sugi sensei is not competent as a teacher because he ignored the parents complaints. While Sugi sensei go to every parents' house to apologize about the part time job and explain about the real situation. At night, Principal Yabuki writes letter to education committee but was busted by Takasugi. Then the next target is Principal Yabuki. No violence had been used but they did a kind of quiz to 'teach' the principal. Did the principal change his mind to not report Sugi sensei after had been 'lectured' by the three boy? And will Kinochi win the competition? Please watch it...

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