Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nishikido Ryo & Ohkura Tadayoshi (Ryokura) – TORN

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Since today is Nishikido Ryo's birthday, I'll post something regarding him. For who doesn't know Ryo, he is an actor in Japanese hit drama, One Litre of Tears, Attention Please and Last Friend. This is the duet song of Kanjani 8’s Nishikido Ryo and Ohkura Tadayoshi. This song is a bonus in Kanjani’s new single DVD, Musekinin Hero. Both of them are my favorite in Kanjani 8. This song is quite difference from others typical Kanjani’s song. The typical Kanjani’s songs are always cheerful and funny with Enka music sometimes. But, this time both of them were really sell showing off their sexiness kakkoiness. I can’t bear with sexiness (H_H). huhuhu... The song is a pop ballad song with a painful love lyric. So, I decided to show some of the caps.

Ohkura is the Kanjani 8’s drummer. But, he is one of the best dancer and singer in Kanjani.

But I never thought this is a gay song until this part...Ryo, you betrayed Tegoshi...huhuhuh

I love this combi. I hope Johnny’s will put the in special unit, Ryokura just like Tegomass. But it seems impossible because Ryo is really busy being in two groups which are NEWS and Kanjani 8.

Download link

Chibi Ryo was super cute

I’m currently watching Ryo’s drama, Ryusei no Kizuna which Arashi’s Ninomiya is also co-star in it.

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