Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vote J-pop Concert in Malaysia

Hello minna~
I was browsing the Hey Say Jump community yesterday and found the Pop Rainbow forum the making poll for J-Pop Concert in Malaysia, more specific Johnny's artist...Kya~
I really wanna meet Yamada but there are huge gap between HSJ and the lead. So, I voted Arashi instead because I love Riida~ Currently Arashi is leading followed by Kat-tun. HSJ is so far behind them. It seem impossible for HSJ because they definitely a new group and never done an oversea concert before.

I hope the Pop Rainbow will make my dream come true. The company is quite convincing since they organized MTV Asia Award before. So, minna please vote your favorite artist. Here are the steps:~

1. Register here

2. Wait for approval mail by the mod, if not you can't posting. But don't worry they will send you the email in the same day.

3. Login and vote here


  1. dah vote untuk arashi. nanti kita gi tengok sesame ye

  2. saya pon dah vote 0/
    errr sy vote kat-tun =D

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  4. hello~

    stumbled upon your blog through google ^^

    just wanna get things straight. PopRainbow was NOT the one who organised MAA 2008. The event was organised my MTV themselves.

    The 1st project of PR was bringing Korean group, Paran into Malaysia. but the project has been cancelled (or postponed, as PR claimed).

    i just don't want people to get the wrong idea on PR. Sure, you can vote. But don't put too much hope on them.

    Cheers! ^^