Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[PV] Kat-tun – White X’mas

Hi minna~
Kat-tun has release their new single on 3rd December. I think this single is very genius project. Kat-tun who always sang rock-style song and now is singing a ballad song. The song is even a Christmas song with sorrowful lyrics. Everything is just exclusive. All of them look good in the PV. But I think the concept is kind similar with NEWS’s Taiyou no Namida minus the dance part.


Giniro kirameku machi ame ga yuki ni kawatta
yumeiro mabushii miraimiteta anohi no CHRISTMAS
anata wo mitewaratta seinaruyoru ni
namida ga afuretane eien ni sukinanoni naze
ima yuki ga maichiru konosora no tooimukou niwa
atarashii dareka ga matsu kesenuomoi dakinagara
anokoro waraiatta nanimo kowakunakatta
anata no yasashisa wo kizutsuketa ano hi no CHRISTMAS
miageta sora takasugite tsukamenaiyo todokunoni naze
ima yuki ga maichiru anokoro no mayowanu kimochiwa
atarashii asuhe tsuzuku nido to modoranai STORY
arukidaseba tomadoukedo tedetoketayuki no hanabirawa
mata itsuka meguriatte kokoro tashikameru darou


The street glittered with silver as rain becomes snow
I saw the dream colored future on that day of Christmas
I smiled at you on that sacred night
The tears overflowed, though I will love you forever, why?
Now the snow dances as they fall, and at the sky far beyond here
someone new is waiting, holding on to a feeling that will never fade
We smiled at each other in those days, we were not afraid of anything
But I hurt your kindness, on that day of Christmas
I searched for dream and hope, and I found nothing but lost
The sky I look up to is too high, I cannot hold on to it even if I can reach it, Why?
Now the snow dances as they fall, the unhesitating feeling of those days
continues on to a new tomorrow, a story that will never return
Even though I will wonder as I start walking, but the snowflakes that melted in my hand
will comeback again someday and reassure my heart

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Single (mp3)

The Making of PV


  1. As usual , they'll be coming out with xmas songs

  2. But X'mas song with sorrow lyrics is unusual ne~
    Bcoz they are Kat-tun, the song become so beautiful..

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