Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scrap Teacher episode 6 with English, Chinese and Japanese Subtitles

Hello minna~
Sorry for the late update. Now it’s time for election to choose President of Student Society. Kusaka(Yuto Nakajima) and a girl from their class, Kanazawa want to run for the election. Kanazawa is a cute and fashionable girl and not looks like someone that wanna be a president. Before this there was only one candidate for the president post. Its mean this year is 1st time they run the election. Sakida sensei who is the director of Student Union got pissed because he want to take break since he just got new job as board on a cram school in the town. Sakida sensei doesn’t want to manage the flyers and poster. While Kusaka chose Takasugi(Yamada Ryosuke) as his recommender. Tsuchiya who admired Takasugi also volunteer to be Kusaka’s recommender. While as usual the other popular boy, Irie(Arioka Daiki) and Yoshida(Chinen Yuuri) was begged by the girls to support Kanazawa.

The conflict begins when Kanazawa’s dad made a deal with Sakida sensei to make her daughter as president and in return he made sure a job to Sakida sensei at the cram school since he is an important person in the town. However Sakida sensei was busted by Sugi sensei when he tried to cheat the vote. Kanazawa accidentally heard their conversation. She’s disappointed and run away from home on the Election Day. As expected, Sugi senseis goes and find his precious student Kanazawa while the three take action to ‘lectured’ Sakida sensei by reported what he had done to his tall and gorgeous German wife (somehow it’s weird how the baka-looked old teacher can married a gorgeous German woman and he actually can’t understand German, love is blind?). Then, could Sugi sensei found Kanazawa in the middle of the wood? And are they able made it in school for election on time? Could Kanazawa win even though all of her friends know that her dad tried to cheat the vote? Please watch it~

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  3. Ano... I've been looking for scrap teacher ep.8 and 9 with english subtitle.. I've found it, but there is only chinese subtitle..
    And when i searching in the google, i found your blog.. So, do you have one? Thank you before.. ^^