Friday, June 19, 2009

New Johnny's Debut Group - YUMA w/ B.I Shadow

Johnny did it again.

Kattun was in 2006.

Hey Say JUMP in 2007.

And now is Yuma w/ B.I Shadow.

Yuma is the name of one of the member who are in the center of above picture. And B.I Shadow is stand for Boys in Shadow. I believed the name B.I Shadow is come from previous Hey Say JUMP, Mayonaka no Shadow Boys since they are the regular backup dancer and singer for the song. The 3 of them also cast in Scrap Teacher which Mayonaka no Shadow Boys is the OST of the drama.

Yuma's full name is Nakayama Yuma. He is the main actor of Battery series previously. And for the next season drama he will be in a drama called Koishite Akuma means Vampire Boy. Of cause he will play the young vampire. The OST for this drama is their debut song, Akuma no Koi.

The other members are Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, Matsumura Hokuto and Kochi Yuugo. Kento, Fuma and Hokuto is the original members of BI Shadow. While Yuugo is the new regular boy in Hey Say JUMP's variety show, School Kakumei voted by viewers few weeks ago. He is not even a Junior before this. Yuugo is really new and really looked awkward in the show. I do think he should had more training before debuting.

But I think it is weird when only 1 name of the members in their group name. Because usually Johnny's group's name will consist all of their member's names. I mean such as ; KAT-TUN (Kamenashi, Akanishi, Tanaka, Taguchi, Ueda and Nakamaru) ; Tackey&Tsubasa (Takizawa, Tsubasa); Tegomassu (Tegoshi, Masuda); GYM (Golf,Yamapi, Mike)

After watched their 1st performance in Music Station, indeed I do think Yuma is better than others. But I like the cute Kento and Hakuto too... I still can't remember each of their name yet except Yuma of course. huhuhu...

Their debut song is just sweet and cute, just like Hey Say JUMP's supporter songs. I still excited to wait for thei debut CD because they will release 2 singles in 1 CD just like Arashi did recently. The other song is featuring my Yamada and Chinen. Kyaa~ Finally Hey Say JUMP release something even though only 2 from 10 of them.. Huhuh.. The unit is called NYC Boys -> NYC is stand Nakayama, Yamada and Chinen. The unit is supporters for World Volleyball Grand Prix.

Here are some caps of YuBIS (the nickname I give for them) in Music Station. I think they are not really impressive as Hey Say JUMP when they debuted. But maybe it's unfair to compare them...huhuh

Nakayama Yuma

Matsumura Hokuto

Kochi Yuugo

Nakajima Kento

Kikuchi Fuma

Featuring Morimoto Baby

With million of Juniors. BI Shadow even blended with the backup dancers.

Somehow the Morimoto Baby steal the show rather than BI Shadow... -_-"
Link: Yw/BIS - Akuma na Koi

You can download the video HERE


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