Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scrap Teacher Episode 1 with English, Chinese and Japanese Subtitles

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Finally, Scrap Teacher drama episode 1 has been subbed by 326 Fansub. I promised to review the drama after it been subbed rite?

The drama is about a new teacher, Sugi Toranosuke, 29 (Kamiji Yusuke) just posting to a school, District’s 8 Junior High School. As a new teacher Sugi is passionate and has a hopeful heart. But after several months, he seems to be a tired and hopeless teacher. That’s because he was surrounded and influenced by a bunch of scrap teacher who just countdown the demolition of the school. All of the students lacked of motivation after knowing the school will be demolish. However, only one student that still interested to study that is Kusaka (Nakajima Yuuto). He was hated and bullied by a group of their classmates because of that. Suddenly, the three legendary super boys came to safe him who are Takasugi (Yamada Ryosuke), Yoshida (Chinen Yuuri) and Irie (Arioka Daiki). They are new transferred students and introduced themselves to Sugi who is their homeroom teacher. Their mission is to eliminate the scrap teachers in the school.

The conflict started when the school would not participate in National Exam. The National Exam is to evaluate the knowledge of the student as well as the effectiveness of education in the school. Then, the three (+ one) super boys henshin and did the their jobs… Please watch to know what will happen next.. (Hint – Code Blue) Here are some of the random caps.

Credit to Ryosuke Yamada Forum 326 Subbing Team for the subs

Credit to Selena244@livejournal for uploading the drama...

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part 2

part 3

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part 5

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part 7

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