Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrap Teacher episode 3 with English, Chinese and Japanese Subtitles

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I know I’m getting lazy to update but I’ll try my best to do so. Huhuhu... For this episode, the school was shocked by the ranking of teachers and students in various categories such as The Teachers you want to marry most, The teachers with the smelly socks, The teachers that attend over 100 blind dates, The students that most wanted as boyfriend and etc. Irie (Arioka) was rated as the 1st most wanted as boyfriend and Yoshida (Chinen) is the 2nd, while Takasugi (Yamada) was not rated in the top 10 ranking. Poor my Yama-chan.. The ranking was posted in the school notice board and school portal board. The conflict came went someone that used nickname Evil Lord of Class A was writing in campus bulletin board the horrible things about the teachers and students. The rumors about the Evil Lord spread immediately in the school. Sawatari from Sugi sensei’s class was angry with the rumors about him and suspected Suzuki from class A did the rumors and planned to ‘teach’ him lesson. However, Kusaka (Nakajima) tried to stop him but end up fighting each other. Sugi sensei wanted to settle down the turmoils and found out four of his students wrote in the bulletin board. However they admitted that they are not Evil Lord of Class A. The pretty part time teacher, Saki sensei was bribing asking the 3 super boys to stop the Evil Lord. Saki sensei bribed gave Irie new boiler, Yoshida with fertilizers and Takasugi with sumting like Chorus Disk? Yappari, they are just usual ne~ The three boys found out that the Evil Lord is not a student but among the teachers because the bulletin can not be access at the school computer lab and the Evil Lord posted comments during school hour too. The Evil Lord seems know a lot about private information of the teachers and also know about what happened exactly in the teacher’s office. Who is the scrap teacher for this time? Please watch this episode...

I am currently watching Celeb to Bimbo Taro drama that starred by Yusuke Kamiji (Sugi Sensei). He also acts as crappy poor lame man in the drama. But somehow I started to like him. Yabai~ it’s rare for an actor leads in two dramas in one season. He is surely working hard right. But it’s worth because he did great jobs in the two dramas.

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