Monday, October 13, 2008

[PV] Hey Say JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

Yeah~ Finally, Hey Say JUMP's Promotional Video for 4th single is out! The video is really show their cool side and looks like they really grow up ne~ Somehow it remember me to Kat-tun's Don't U Ever Stop's PV.. Not really the same, but similar concept - dark; chase or being chased ; has sequel or long version (according to Kamichan).

The single will be release on 22nd October. Actually this single is an OST for Japan Drama, Scarp Teacher leads by HSJ's members, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Arioka Daiki and Chinen Yuuri. The drama is aired on Saturday, starting 11 Oct 2008. I'll watch the 1st episode after the hardsub release and will review it here.

And here some screencaps of the Shadow Boy's PV:~

run to their own room

Yuto alone in a room, probably sad because not same room with Yamada :p

Chinen wished Ohno will come that night..Perhaps..

Daiki and mirror

That's my Yamachan

Their mansion?

Ryutaro's peeping someone?

I like Takaki in here.. He's really cool..

Their shadow.

Them.. As ussual, my Yamachan as the center.

Okamoto Keito~

Hikaru starring at the fan.. He's grown up in here.. Somehow looked like Murakami Shingo and Nino? My opinion....huhuhu

Our cute Inoo Kei

Yabu Kota~

My beloved Yamachan again~

Now he looks like Hikaru with the cool side. Maybe because he gain weight?

Yamachan again..

Now I can stop posting Yamada's caps..

because he's super cute,





with the evil smile..

Here is the download link
mpg version.. (join with HJ Split)
Part 1
Part 2

avi version

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