Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[Music Station] Hey Say JUMP – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy 241008

Hi minna,
This is the follow up of my happiness is the 2nd appearance of Hey Say JUMP in Music Station... They got 1st in Oricon Chart for Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. This time was only short talk introducing them. This appearance was to promote their drama, Scrap Teacher. The four Super Boys (Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Arioka) wearing their costume in the drama, while the others were wearing the recycle costumes (^_^)”. Johnny, please buy new costumes for them, onegai~ or if Johnny can’t, maybe Julie or Mary can? I wish...

Here is the screen caps ~

The performance

Kyaa~ Are they stripping? Not... (H_H)

Featuring these three boys who are their co-star in Scrap Teacher.

With millions of Juniors.

Download link

Thanks for Wendy Newshfan for subbing this.

The Scrap Teacher drama is not subbing yet... But I still can ‘kya’ing watch the ‘kakkoi’ness of Yamada just by watching the RAW... hahahah (^_~)V

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