Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1st Tokyo Dome Pacific Concerto

Yesterday I downloaded NEWS Tokyo Dome Pacific Concert, Show wa Hey Say 20080810 (which Leah Dizon is the guest), Maou ep07, and Code Blue ep3-7. Aaa, plus the making of Yukan Club and Utaban 20070503 (guest-Arashi). Yeah, lately I’m interested with the battle of Ohno n Nakai, lol.. Yappari I don’t know which one 1st that I should watch. And finally of cause as the title of this post, I watch NEWS concert 1st because I was waiting for this for about 8 months.1 more think, this concert is really meaningful to me because it was on my 21st birthday..yeay~ (perlu ke?? Suke hati ak la, blog ak..huhuh…mati laa, promot birthday sendiri)…Xdpt pg jepon tgk concert, watch the dvd pon, ok laa….hehehe… btw, thaks and credits to Newshfan for subbing and sharing the DVD..

So, here some caps from the concert

The concert start with several gay songs – Weeeek

NEWS turun dari langit

By the cloud???huhuh…xperlu kot carutkan costume yg colourful coz mmg slalu pon camtu

Next Beach Angle, Hadashi no Cinderella Boy,
Baper ramai buruh yg dikerah tenaga utk tolak menaalah gondola ni..huhuh

Kibou Yell~ Koyama sings while Tegomassu being hyper at the back

Stand Up & Change the world
Now, we come to the most controversial part..Tegoryo no Ai???

Dou yu min?? noooo…….

to be continue..

2nd theme- HOT…Daite senorita.. kyaaa~

Ops, sori…xsengaja..

No…atashi wa hentai janai….

Even the water can’t cool down the heat…

The next song, Ai no Matador even kept the stage fire

I won’t leave you either..

Devil or Angle vs Shock Me – 1st time I listen this medley…quite awful but nice…
Koyama no Private Heart is just nice…It used to be sang by Koyashige n Kusano..

Now the concert become gay again- one of my favorite Nantoka Narusa featuring million of juniors..

Shige’s solo – Happy Music…Nice try..huhuh.. demo, wth with the crown??

Romantiku theme?? DREAMS…I love u too

Hoshi wo mezahite..

The old songs, Fiesta and nande x Dame…and suddenly their senpai from arashi pop-up. Senpai kohai reletionship... Iee nee~

Sayaendo and NEWS Nippon

Next is new song I think, Towa Iro no Koi… Juat listen to it once…huhuh.. Then is Mafuyu no nagareboshi ga..also my fav..
Now the continue of TegoRyo no Ai drama…heheheh

Here they come

Massu : sabar je laa..korang ni…


Tegoshi like “yeah I’m happy, peace~”

Daite Senorita..then the unexpected.. Ryo, are u flirting P just after u promise Tego-nyan?? Not...

Asou to Akira.. Seishu Amigo..Asou-kun not bad yah..

Next, Asou kun perform kanjani song..and here the most cute and notti song..Chirarizumu

Tegoshi no solo.. as usual his voice is as beautiful as himself… Ai Nante..Suppose sang by Ryo, Shige ang Tego..

One of the most interesting parts in this DVD is a song called Vibration. In this song, they introduced members by rapping. I wonder why the DVD not release before my Vibration paper last semester…bru la semangat nk da terkantoi…hehehe…

So tu aje laa..Da penat da wat caps.. So for me Pacific Concert is so gay,hot and cheerful..I really recommend to you guys to watch it..


  1. uiih. banyaknyer pics n captions. entry panjang plak tuh. memg peminat setia news neh. huhuh~

  2. mochiron..
    aritu ak g kino xde langsung mag duet or popolo or myojo or potato...
    keciwa btul ak...