Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buzzer Beat Episode 1

Wanna review this earlier. But busy with a lot of stuff since the new semester is just started. It's been quite a long time I'm not watching a love story. The last time is Love Shuffle? Is that a love story? I think it's more to friendship story.

Since Yamapi played the main character, Buzzer Beat is one of my must-watch list. Yamapi play as a profesional basketballer. I never know Yamapi is good in basketball. I mean he really play like a professional one. Not mind how many NG he had. But he is really kakkoi/cool in court.

Yamapi plays as Kamiya Naoki that play well in basketball but not perform well in the real game so as the romance relationship with Nanami played by Aibu Saki.

Keiko Kitagawa is really cute. She is cheering Yamapi by 'not cheering' him. She yelled at Yamapi during the game and somehow Yamapi play well after that.
Aibu Saki played as Cheerleader but failed to cheer Yamapi up.
Maybe because the other girls in cheerleader team is much hotter than
I started love this guy, Mizobata Junpei since Akai Ito.

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